2016 nike vapor iron sets complete review
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2016 Nike Vapor iron sets complete review


Nike Vapor Fly Pro Steel Iron Set

nike vapor fly pro set


As many of you know Nike has decided to discontinue its golf equipment line. Since the Nike Vapor fly pro is the final iron set they will produce I decided to test these clubs out and see if the quality and performance was there. These will be the last Nike irons available after 2016.

Nike Vapor Pro:

Designed for the skilled golfers. Who seek low ball flight, very accurate if you hit these flush. The feel is exceptional. This is the club you will see the low handicappers play. They do feature a muscle back for pure and efficient strikes. Sleek blade that many players will love. Definitely a great iron to hit if you are looking for top performance and distance. One of the best Nike irons I have ever hit.

Nike Vapor Pro Combo:

Very similar to the pro but features more forgiveness.  It features a small cavity back for increased trajectory making it an easier club to hit. It will feel similar to the pro but it will be much easier to strike. I recommend this club to the higher handicappers 5-15. A great club performs very well.

Nike Vapor Pro Speed:

Next we have the Vapor speed. This club is made for the average golfer that helps the golfer get the ball in the air.  It has similar construction to the other vapor irons but what is different is the hollow cavity back. This cavity in the iron is what helps player get the ball in the air and creates its forgiveness. Get this club if you are a higher handicap and want a high ball and low spin.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro:

Finally we have the Fly pro which is a different color than the rest. It features a beautiful matte black color with a blue. A great color combination for a club. But if you don’t care about looks this club still performs very well. It does feature a hollow cavity back and are a bit longer than the rest of the vapor irons. These are aimed for the higher handicapper that needs a forgiving iron and needs help getting that ball in the air. But also a low handicapper might like the feel of this club also. Overall great club, and performance.

nike vapor fly


All four of these clubs perform very well. There is a set here for every golfer. They are different depending on the feel and trajectory you are looking for. If you are low handicapper I would recommend less of a muscle back to improve your ball striking and accuracy. And for the higher handicappers that need a club that is not too hard to hit I recommend the Speed and the Fly. At the end of the day it’s all about the player and what he feels the best. If you have a chance to demo these clubs you should, Nike made their best their last. It will be sad to see Nike go but I look forward to the future from their shoes and apparel.

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