Best night golf balls to help you finish your round at night
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Best night golf balls- to help you finish your round at night


Have you ever experienced a late night round when you are playing well but have a few holes left?

You want to finish the round but can’t see the ball anymore!

I think all of us avid golfers have experienced this before.

We are playing so well but the sun sets too early.

We end of walking off the course not being able to finish our round.

Well luckily there are glow in the dark golf balls that can eliminate this problem so we can enjoy our late night rounds.

Which oftentimes are the most fun.

With this post I will share how these best night golf balls to can help you finish your round at night.

I will also cover where you can buy these glow in the dark golf balls.

Night Sports USA Light Up Golf Ball 

Night sports LED night golf ball










Night Sports provides the top high performance night golf balls, they create good control, accuracy, feel and distance you would expect from a professional golf ball.

  • Four different colors voted #1 brightest golf ball
  • Bright led light stays light for 8 minutes upon each impact
  • Official Size and Weight
  • Patented Afterglow Technology

These golf balls are led golf balls. They stay lit for 8 minutes after each shot is hit.

They are super bright so you can’t lose them in the darkness. They are typical weight and size of an average golf ball.

These balls are a must have if you play during the late nights. They will help you finish your round at night!

night sports LED golf ball

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GlowV1 Night Golf Balls- Ultra Bright Glow Golf Ball 


With these GlowV1 night golf balls you’re getting a higher quality ball than most LED golf ball.

They feel great and don’t run out of glow unlike the led models.

These golf balls are charged with a UV flashlight that comes included. It takes a few seconds to charge they golf balls up and the glow lasts about 8 minutes. The only draw back from using these is that you have to charge these continuously after hitting each shot.

But other than that, I do like these balls because they feel very solid when hitting them.


putting with the GlowV1

Putting with the Glow V1

Its has a good feel and weight to it, feels just like a regular golf ball unlike the LED balls where the sound and roll does not feel right.

Also the glow is great on the greens you can clearly see the ball and make a good stroke while in complete darkness.



  • UV Golf ball
  • They feature high-quality core and soft urethane skin like traditional golf balls.
  • These golf balls are completely charged in 60 seconds and last up to 15 minutes at a high glow, but they stay bright for 6 hours. Now that is a long time
  • They are rechargeable with a UV flashlight that is included when you purchase this item.

A great night golf ball if you are looking for a soild ball similar to a regular ball. Although not an led that uses a battery.

These Glow V1 golf balls are charged with a UV flashlight, they are very bright and la



GlowV1 Night Golf Balls without charge

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GlowKnights Glow Golf Balls 

GlowKnights Glow Golf Balls

The GlowKnights golf balls come with glow Stick Inserts. They are Perfect for Night Golf and to Practice Long Range and Distance Shots

  • 4 golf balls 8 colors of glow stick inserts. Glow for 8-12 hours.
  • Regular size and weight and are durable for the serious golfer.
  • These night golf balls are a good alternative to LED balls that require batteries.

These are guaranteed to work so you dont depend on electronic battery operated balls.

Simply insert the glow stick into the ball and play your round.

With these you dont have to worry about the battery dying. When the glow runs out all you need is a new glow stick.

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GlowKnights Glow Golf Balls




Nighthawk Glow In Dark LED Light Up Golf Balls 

These are the nighthawk LED golf balls. These are not the best quality but if you are looking for cheap night golf balls these are it.

They feature very visable glow. Battery lasts 40 hours.

  • 40 hr LED Life
  • Super Bright
  • Constantly On 
  • 8 minute battery reset after each hit.

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RUGD Sports: Night Chipper – Large 30-inch Indoor/Outdoor Golf Chipping Target Net – Lights Up in the Dark 

night golf chipping net

This practice net is perfect for those late night practice sessions. If it starts getting dark KEEP going this net light up super bright and you will be able to chip at night. Its high quality and collapsible. Plus this net includes a free night golf ball for you to start practicing at night!

  • Basket rings light up makes it highly visable in the dark
  • Build your skills at night with 3 different baskets for the ultimate challenge
  • Dont worry about the sun setting with this net you can practice at night.

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night golf chipping net

Collapsible, and store anywhere.








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