Top 5 black Friday golf GPS to have on your wishlist
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Top 5 black Friday golf GPS to have on your wishlist


Black Friday is just around the corner, and we are all excited about getting the latest golf gadget this year.

We all want to have the right tools that will help us on the course and to impress our friends.


For this black Friday there are many exciting GPS that will be a fraction of the cost. Here at golf reviewer we have you covered with this list of the top 5 black Friday golf GPS to add to your wish list this year.

So why even buy a GPS? How is it going to help my golf game? Well if you have not used one of these during your round they are a game changer.

A GPS solves all those problem plus it gives you a ton more features to better understand where the hazards are.

No more guessing for distances and guessing which club to use. After owning one of these GPS you will feel much more confident having the correct distance and the right club in your hand and be on the way for better scores.

#1 Garmin Approach S20



The Garmin approach S20 is a comfortable sleek GPS and everyday watch. Its gives you yardages to the back, middle, and front of the green. But it does not stop there track daily health stats such as steps walked. If synced with your smartphone you will receive text, calls and other alerts. It is loaded with great features that will track your golf and fitness goals . My favorite thing about this watch is that it is super lightweight and can be used as an everyday watch.


✅ Elegant design with high-quality resolution, easy to see in the sun light

✅ Thousands of courses preloaded without any download necessary

✅ Autosaves your distances and shots and gives you a post round analysis with Garmin connect

✅Green view display, view each green of the entire course

✅ Receive smart phone notifications, calls texts and alerts

✅ Track your scores and progress

✅ 15 hours of battery with GPS and up to 8 weeks using regular watch mode

Why you should buy this

This GPS is  great for the golfer who not only wants to use this for golf but also as the everyday watch that will track fitness goals. It comes loaded with features that will  help you understand your golf game and track calories, steps and miles. The design looks like an ordinary smart watch and is not bulky or heavy. But all around for this price it makes a great golf GPS.



#2 Garmin Approach G10


The Garmin approach G10 is a small and compact GPS that gives your distances from the back, middle and front of the green. You are able to clip it onto your bag, belt or leave it in your pocket. It is Great GPS for the money, you get all the same features as a regular GPS but at a fraction of the cost.


✅ Distances from the back,middle, and front of the green, hazards and green view

✅ Compact fits in your pocket or clip it onto your bag

✅ Track your score

✅ 40,000 Courses preloaded no downloads required

✅ 15 hours of battery

✅ Compact clip-on device fits anywhere

✅ Connect with Garmin Connect and see all your scores online



Why you should buy this

If your a golfer only looking to get distances to the green, hazards and doglegs without the extra features this is for you. You will get 40,000+ golf courses loaded onto your G10 without downloading anything. The super low price combined with its practicality creates a superb GPS.


#3 Golf Buddy Voice 2


The golf buddy voice 2 is the newest golf buddy GPS after the successful Voice. With golf buddy voice 2 you get increased battery life, a simple display of distances to the green and water resistance. what I love about the golf buddy voice is that you don’t even have to look at the device to read your distances. It will read them out loud. Check this product if you want a compact GPS with a voice feature and is simple to use the golf buddy voice 2 may be for you.


✅ Simple audio distance measuring device

✅  Water resistant

✅ Dynamic Green View technology with distance readings from the golfer?s perspective

✅  Distances to front/center/back of the green

✅ Shot distance measurement

✅ Legal for tournament play

✅ 14-hour battery life

Why you should buy it

If you are looking for a simple to use GPS with basic features such distances to greens and hazards this is the perfect device. You won’t get much as compared to other devices but if you want the bare minimum you will enjoy using this.


#4 Bushnell NEO iON Watch



This is Bushnell’s newest GPS. It is loaded with features to provide your precise distances. It has over 35,000 courses loaded and an increased battery life. It is lightweight with a durable rubber wristband. Lastly, it tracks your steps you take on the course.


✅ Preloaded with 35,000+ courses in over 30 countries

✅ Long battery life

✅ Comfortable wrist band

✅ Auto course recognition and auto hole advance with easy-to-read front, back and center distances

✅ Tracks distances to hazards and doglegs

✅ Legal for Tournament play and comes with a One-year limited Warranty

Why you should buy it

If you are looking for a solid GPS with simple features such as distances to green and hazards this is for you. Its auto course recognition is one of the fastest to pick up courses and get you ready for your distances. It is a durable and comfortable watch that will enhance your golfing experience.



#5 Garmin Approach X40



One of my favorite golf GPS of 2016 that is a must to pick up this black Friday is the Garmin approach X40. This golf GPS is a sleek and lightweight band that goes around your wrist. Not only is a GPS, a watch it also is a heart rate monition. It tracks your heart rate and calories burned. This GPS keeps track of your golf game and your fitness goals. What I love about this GPS is that it is super lightweight helps me with my fitness and I can use this as any everyday watch.


✅ Gives you distances to back,middle and front of green

✅ Sleek and lightweight design

✅ Heart rate monitor, calculate calories burned and miles walked.

✅ Keeps track of your shots for a post round analysis with Garmin Connect.

✅ Green view display

✅ Smartphone notifications

Why you should buy it

This GPS is sleek and is packed with features for not only your golf game but for your fitness. This light weight watch displays all your important hole distances and hazards. It also pairs with your phone and you will be able to receive text alerts. If you are searching for the latest and most innovative GPS right now this is the one.




These are the top 5 golf GPS to add to your wishlist this black Friday. Each of them have different features, I guarantee there is one that is right for you.


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