How do I break 100 in golf?
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How do I break 100 in golf?


Ever wondered why you can’t break a score of 100 in golf? If only you could lower your score so you can increase your confidence. Trust me all golfers have been there struggling to break 100.This post will focus on golf swing tips.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “It’s all in the reps and sets” 

Now I don’t know if you are a big fan of him but the man was a machine at the gym. Revolutionizing the bodybuilding industry. This quote applies to golf as well. If you take a look at Arnold there is a reason he got to be where he is. It was through hard work and repetition. This is how you have to look at golf. It is all in the repetition.

Work on your swing  

Most amateur golfers do not even know if they have the right approach with the correct swing. If you never analyzed your swing you need to. The swing mechanics are the most import if you want good results. The best tips I can give you if you are still a beginner and your conscious incompetence meaning you still have to think hard about your swing, you need to study the great golfer swing. There are multiple books and swing analysis videos where there go in depth on the greatest golfers swings. Model these players swing.

Tiger Woods


Tiger woods is the best player of this generation. With out a doubt he has the most amazing swing I have ever witnessed. All the elements form together to create a powerful and precise swing. For people who want to break 100, I would start to analyze parts of his swing and see why it’s successful. Don’t try to completely emulate his swing, but try to learn certain characteristics that you may use in your swing.

for example, Tiger does not start his swing with his body unlike the golfer below. He starts unwinding back with his legs at 0:22 almost at the top of his backswing.

Jack Nicklaus

Another legend here. Completely different swing. Just goes to show it doesn’t matter which one you choose, it has to be comfortable. He starts his swing with his legs. Look at how he builds the power through the legs, up to the shoulder, to the arms and finally to the club head. His body is all in sync when he starts his swing.

Ben Hogan

Again another player who shows that the swing starts with your legs and hips.

Take a look at your swing are you starting off with your legs and hips then progressing to your shoulders. The club should follow your body. All the power comes from your legs and hips.

All these guys revolutionized the golf industry with their unique swing. Model parts of their swing into yours. Everyone has their own unique swing that is developed through years of hard work.

Work with a swing coach

One of the best tips is to find a swing coach that specializes in players swings. Don’t just find any golf professional that they are not specialized in swing mechanics. You would not go to car mechanic to fix a trailer truck. They don’t specialize in trailers. Find a swing coach that is actually helping you not just watching you and critiquing . He should be taking slow-motion video with in depth analysis. It may be pricing but its worth in the long run.

Put in the hours 

Once you understand what you’re doing wrong and know the correct ways of how your swing works. Go out and test it. Don’t like it go back to your swing coach for improvisions. Once you find things working. You must out in the hours to build your skill up. Science says it take 60 days to make a new habit. You need to make your swing instinctual habit. When you don’t even think about it  comes natural.

It’s not the clubs 

Lastly, the problem should not be your clubs. Most amateurs play the blame game. whether it’s  their clubs the course, or they are tired it’s all BS! You should get clubs  and shafts that cater to your swing speed. Also that you like the weight and feel to them. Golf is all about feel.


Hopefully, if you take action after reading this and actually implement what you read here your golf game will change. It won’t take a couple day or weeks. It will take years for your swing to naturally develop it’s quite a journey. So don’t expect waking up one day and become a master put in the work. Remember it’s all in the reps and sets!

-It's all in the repsand sets-Arnold schwarzenegger

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