Most common mistakes golfers make buying golf clubs
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Most common mistakes golfers make buying golf clubs


I have seen beginner golfers make multiple mistakes when purchasing a new set of clubs or when purchasing their first set. It is quite common for people who are unaware of their golf skill set that makes them purchase the wrong gear. In golf your weapons in the bag are crucial to playing your best. Buying the wrong club hinders your ability to play and makes you a laughing stock when you are on the tee box.


Purchasing a club because it looks cool and it’s what the pros use

This is such a simple and stupid mistake golfers make when buying their next club. They see an ad or they see Jordan Spieth using it. Just because they are using it doesn’t mean you should! Effective marketing and media make you buy things you do not need. So please avoid this mistake. Instead of buying the newest and greatest club. Demo as many clubs as you can and get stats on your swing speed, your trajectory and shaft flex. After knowing these simple stats you know what club you’re in the market for.

Buying the wrong flex 

This is because your ball is slicing. If your swing speed is 95-110 MPH you need a stiff flex don’t use a regular flex. The balls is slicing because  the flex doesn’t have enough time catching up and becoming square when it meets the ball. This causes the  face of club to have an opened face resulting  slices in most golfers. Make sure you know your swing speed to determine the perfect shaft for your clubs.


Buying the wrong club head for irons 

So there are three different club head for irons which vary depending on your experience and performance.

Cavity Back

(great for beginners and players who need forgiveness)

Muscles back

(Great for intermediate and experienced players, shape shots, less forgiving amazing feel)


(Great for experienced what the pros use, unforgiving )

If you’re a beginner I definitely recommend starting out with a cavity back iron.

With cavity back irons they have a bigger club head area and are very forgiving. Meaning that if miss the club off the sweet spot the ball will stay in its course. A must for all beginners. With muscle back and irons i would recommend it for more experienced players looking to have a better feel and have more control of your shots. An example of a great muscle back club for 2016 is Nike vapor fly proIf you are looking for complete control of your shots and want pure shots, go with blades.  But definitely don’t start using blades as a beginner you will have very upsetting moments haha.

Avoid these simple golf mistakes and get out there and try your best. At the end of the day its up to you to understand how you play the beautiful game. Do what your most comfortable and play the clubs you want. In the end its all about the number you put up after the round. Just don’t lie about your scores like the majority of the dishonest golfers.

Avoid common golf mistakes

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