Friar's Head Golf Club Review
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Friar’s Head Golf Club Review


Friars Head Golf Club Review/ Baiting Hollow, N.Y. / Course architects: Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw (2002) Length: 7,049 yards, Par 71 

What an amzing golf course. Located right by the sea, the course is very unique. What makes it so unique is that course looks like it was naturally build on the land. Large sand dunes cover the landscape. Combine that with being near to the long island sound, it creates a well kept, challenging type of golf course.

Friar’s Head is located in Long Island New York, in my opinion one of the best places to play golf in the Summers. Other notable golf courses in the area are The National Golf Links, Maidstone and Sebonack. Friar’s Head is located in the town of Baiting Hollow, a small town in Suffolk county.

Arriving at the course you drive past farms, vineyards, and traditional homes built in eastern long island.

The actual name “Friar’s Head” comes from the large sand formations that course was built on. Early sailors called it a Friar’s head when they approached the area with their boats.

Friar’s Head scorecard

Friar's Head scorecard

When you first look at the scorecard you will notice missing yardages, and no handicap rating. This is due to the shifting winds and to create a natural feeling course. They way golf was originally meant to be played. The course yardages are marked by trees, there are no yardages on the sprinkler heads. This makes the course incredibly challenging if you are an inexperienced golfer. But for the more experienced it will be a new and fun challenge that is so unique.

The front 9 has no water views which I did like not like very much.

View from the 8th hole

friars head view

Front 9 holes of Friar’s Head golf club

9th Hole


View of the clubhouse with Long Island sound view. This is such a nice view.

Once you make your way up from the Par 3 8th you come to the 9th hole and see the amazing clubhouse. It is one of biggest club houses I have seen. The 9th green is large and located near the clubhouse. The hole is a bit tricky you must hit a good drive in the fairway or else you end up in  big sands traps on the left and right. The drive was a bit daunting.

This club is so exclusive it has directions for helicopters and arrivals by sea.

14th hole

14th hole friar's head golf club

14th hole at friar’s head golf club

This hole features a stairway behind the green known as the stairway to heaven. When walking up the stairs nothing above is visable. Once you make it to the top you find the 15th hole. My favorite hole in the entire course.

15th hole


15th hole with a view of the long island sound.

14th and 15th holes are my favorite holes on the entire course. You get to see the unique aspects of Friar’s head with the Stairway to heaven stairs and the gorgeous view of the 15th.

15th view absolutely amazing it’s a huge drop with danger left and right. Hit it straight and you will be fine.

Once you make the walk to the fairway view gets better. You see the green with the Sound in the background. Dont go over the green there are tough bunkers, plus the green runs away from the back!

green view of 14th hole friar's head golf club

green view of 15th hole friar’s head golf club false front watch out!

After finishing the 15th hole you go over a bridge that gives you a spectacular view of the sound.

Below is beautiful beach.

15th Bridge view


The 15th hole is the most well-known hole on the course, now I know why. The spectacular view and the holes difficulty. It will deceive you when your on top.


This course is a must play for a golfer who enjoys a well designed and challenging course. Friars head is a top secret club. You won’t hear any major reports, videos or even pictures about this club. That is how the club is established, I believe it is what makes the club great! Only the elite get to play here, they dont want much people to play here which I agree with. I was very lucky to be able to play this club and it will be a golf memory that I will forever remember. If you ever have the chance of playing this club accept the invite you wont regret it.

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