How do I get better at golf?
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How do I get better at golf?


We have all been there when we shank the ball left right but never straight. What all intermediate golfers ranging from high to mid level handicap players lack is consistency. Think about it you hit that great shot once in awhile. You make that huge putt a couple times per round but never back to back. This was one of the biggest problems I struggled with going from a 20 handicap to a 10. I could hit the ball a mile and some occasions be in the fairway. But not every time. The key to having a successful golf score and exceptional round is all your shots falling into place one after another. With this post I am going to stress the importance of being consistent in all areas of your golf game. This is what ultimately creates those low scores.

It all starts with your swing. Your swing matters so much if you want to be consistent. You have to find out what your doing wrong and correct it. Please dont blame the clubs get yourself a good lesson from someone who has real experience. Instead of dropping 500 dollars on that new Taylormade set. The best tip I ever got was solve your swing problem dont adjust to it.


Don’t do what the images says. This is for sure the worst thing you can do to your golf game. Don’t just adjust to different fairways there will be holes where you got no choice of going left or right. Its better to fix your slice or you hook so you dont have this problem.


The next biggest tip to improve your golf game is build confidence in yourself and your clubs. What do I mean?

You need to devote a lot of time being comfortable hitting all your clubs in the bag if you want to be consistent.

It bothers me so much when a friend on the box asks me what club to hit and then I tell him. But he responds “Oh I dont use that club”.

I don’t understand why are you carrying a club you dont use. That is embarrassing and it shows you have no confidence in yourself to that club straight.

The only way your going to get better and more consistent in your golf game is that you have hitting that 7 iron 10,000 times straight in the fairway the next 7 iron shot you should be 99.9% confident you will hit it long and straight.

You gotta put in the work to see real results.

My final tip on how to improve your golf game is please practice your putting and your short game. This is the key part of your game this is where your score adds up or lowers. In order to believe in your putting you have to spend hours to master this part of your game. If you dont master this area you will never become a better golfer. Make sure you hit so many chip shots that you know you won’t miss the green. Make sure your 99.9% sure  you will never miss those 3ft putts.Practice is mother of all skill. Make sure you’re improving and doing these steps correctly. Not just hitting golf balls with no result. With time, patience and determination you will become a better golfer.

A good thing to remember. I Rock Bottom Golf #rockbottomgolf:

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