How to clean & restore your golf club grooves
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How to clean your golf club grooves-Best methods for keeping them clean


Your golf clubs will get dirty after you play. There is no way to avoid that.

It is important that after you are finished with your round that you clean your clubs to prevent rust,dirt and deterioration of your grooves.

So Why is it important to clean my golf clubs?

Having dirt on your clubs will affect your performance on the course. If the grooves are not clean on the club the ball will not make proper impact on the ball.

Having mud or grass on the club will prevent your clubs from achieving what they are made to do which is get the ball in the air.

When the grooves are clogged it makes it difficult to make solid contact with the ball.

To prevent this make sure you are regularly cleaning your clubs.

With this post you will learn how you can clean your clubs to ensure that you keep them well maintained and ready for the next round.

Tools to use

Bucket of water

bucket of water

Fill a bucket will regular water.

A brush 

A few recommended brushes to thoroughly clean through the grooves

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A towel

A few recommended towels to better clean the dirt and dry your clubs.

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  1. Simply take your club and put it in a your bucket of water. You want to try to get the club damp so it is easier to clean of the dirt from the club.
  2. Take your club out of the water and use a recommended brush. You want to use the metal area of the brush to make sure it is going into the grooves and removing the dirt, rust and other debris.
  3. After using they brush you want to wipe off the club with a recommended towel. This will dry out the club and prevent rust from building up. Make sure the club is dry if not it will begin to rust and it can deteriorate the grooves.

If you follow these simple sets you are on your way to cleaner and longer lasting clubs.

Enhancing the life of your grooves

Remember that the grooves are the most important area of your golf clubs. Over time your grooves will wear. Even though you clean them they will still begin to get damaged by the ball, grass, and dirt.

groove wear

One of my favorite tools to use to reverse the deterioration of your grooves a sharpener.

These sharpener are super high quality and do a great job at removing the dirt that is stuck deep in the grooves.

After using these sharpers your grooves will be restored and you will be able to  get the right spin on your shots.

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If you want your clubs to last it is important that your clean your clubs regularly. Using the technique and tools I recommended will help you extend the life of your clubs. The recommended groove sharpeners will go deep into the grooves and eliminate dirt, plus they will restore the worn grooves will the steel blade.

You are now ready to prevent the deterioration of your grooves. Leave a comment down below if this method has helped your extend the life of your clubs.


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