How to hold a golf club the correct way
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The proper way to hold a golf club no more baseball grip


Nothing worse than a golf club falling out of your hands during mid backswing. All golfers have had this on their mind when they first started out. Solving this problem is such a simple mistake many newbies make when they start swinging. Gripping the club is the first hands on experience you get when you start golf. But yet many people are never trained and told how to hold it properly. Here I will educated you on the proper way to hold the golf club so you no longer hit someone or worse lose your club at a driving range.

It’s not a damn baseball grip!

What’s the first thing most golfer do when they grab the club for the first time? They go straight to the baseball grip. Such an infamous grip that makes logical sense when thinking about it. Just put your dominate hand over your weak one and swing away! Im sorry but this is golf, your not babe ruth golf is a different animal than baseball. What should concern you the most about the baseball grip is that it’s not the most comfortable and also your fingers are not locked onto to the club. This makes it easy for the club to slip out of hands. Instead try to overlap your right pinky into the middle of left index and middle finger. Feels weird right! Take a few swings and practice this new grip. Within a week you will see  results. Dont give up after you hit horrible shots, your learning keep trying and I guarantee you will love this new grip in the coming weeks.

Here is a picture of Bubba with overlap grip 


with all that power he has, he must be able to control his hands. Making sure your fingers dont slip he uses the overlap grip.

The GOAT uses a variant of the overlap grip


In Tiger woods book How I play golf (great book) where he goes over the types of grips. The grip he uses is an overlap grip with a twist in the index and pinky. He says that he likes that better.

Swing away

Hopefully now you have realized that the baseball grip is not as effective as the overlap grip. If you switch from the baseball grip to the overlap you will see changes to the club not slipping and you will get an overall better grip.

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