Must have cigar accessories when you play golf
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Must have cigar accessories when you play golf


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cigar on the course? Cigars are wonderful when you’re playing golf.

Golfing and smoking cigars do go hand in hand. They are perfect to relieve your stress on the course and makes the golfing experience even better.

You may want to check out these cigar accessories the next time you’re teeing off and lighting up.

Cigar Minder 

Must have cigar accessories when you play golf

The cigar minder holds your cigar on your golf cart, on a chair or anywhere else you can clip it on!

This tool will make you life so much easier by not having to place your cigar on the ground  for it to get lost and or  dirty.

This golf cart cigar holder will clip onto every time of golf cart and anywhere.

Golf Minder is a perfect tool for those who want to avoid losing their cigar. This is a must have for all the cigar enthusiasts. So you can enjoy your cigar without losing it. This is the a perfect cigar holder for golf

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Scorch torch Olympus triple jet flame

Scorch Torch Olympus Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigarette


Lighting your cigar with matches can be tough, especially if its windy.  But with matches when your out you can’t enjoy that cigar you have waiting for you in the bag.

Get yourself a butane cigar lighter. These lighters are powerful and are windproof, best of all its refillable so you can always fuel up and light your cigars.

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Skyway Golf Bag Cigar Case Holder


This durable cigar case holds 6-15 Cigars, it clips to your bag so you can carry them with your clubs.

The design looks like a small golf bag and offers protection and keeps your cigars fresh.

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XiKar X-treme Protection Rugged Cigar Travel Case 


Travel and protect your cigars with this heavy duty travel case. Keeps your case airtight and watertight, it is also crushproof.

Overall it’s a super high quality traveling case for your cigars that will keep them safe and fresh. This golf cigar case will definetly keep your cigars from being crushed. They will also stay very fresh.

Check out this XiKar X-treme Protection Rugged Cigar Travel Case 

Sahara Sailor Portable Stainless Steel Sharp Double Blade Tobacco Guillotine Cigar Cutter


Lastly a must have cigar acessory is this stainless steel double blade cigar cutter.

Its made of solid stainless steel which is super durable. It has a double blade that makes cutting very easy. Its small design makes it easy to carry. It cuts most sizes of cigars. It has a lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong with it. This is an extremely durable cutter that is a must have when you’re out playing and enjoying your cigar.

Check it out for yourself Sahara Sailor Portable Stainless Steel cigar cutter



Use these cigar accessories the next time your out and playing golf. These accessories will make your golfing experience even better.


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