Must read golf books before the end of 2016
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Must read golf books before the end of 2016


The 5 Golf Books You MUST Read Before The End Of 2016

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Fellow golfers, honing one’s skills is not just about spending hours on the green. While practice is inarguably essential, so is reading. Thankfully for us readers, some of the greatest golfers to have walked the earth have decided to share their hard-gained expertise and accrued wisdom, by writing thrilling reads centering around their experiences playing golf.

As 2016 is drawing to a close, now is the time to add the following books to your holiday gift wish lists, or buy them today and challenge yourself to finish them, just before the new year rings in.

Here are our choices:

  1. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf


  • Written by the legendary Ben Hogan, unanimously considered one of the best players in the history of golf
  • Based around Mr. Hogan’s philosophy that every player may achieve mastery through dedicated, focused practice
  • The book expands on unique techniques to help both novices and advanced players hone their skills
  • Detailed, step-by-step illustrations make it easy for readers to replicate positions
  • Tips and tricks on how to bolster coordination, improve balance, swinging accuracy, and breaking eighty


Ben Hogan made his name synonymous with 20th century golf. Known for his unique play, extensive knowledge of golf theory and impressive major championship wins, Mr. Hogan’s legacy lives on through his sensational Five Lessons book. Readers are sure to be enthralled by Five Lessons’ familiar tone, its useful, fundamental “building blocks” towards achieving a better play, as well as its enduring relevance to the sport. A golfer’s library mainstay, this one is sure to be passed in the family for generations to come.


  1. A Life Well Played: My Stories

A life well played Arnold Palmer

  • Another book from one of the greats, A Life Well Played is Arnold Palmer’s swan song
  • Often dubbed as “The King of Golf”, the book was written as a parting gift to those who made Arnold Palmer a golf icon
  • Arnie, as he is best known by his legions of fans, compiled an anthology of career anecdotes, personal experiences and advice on diverse topics such as entrepreneurship, relationships and life
  • Stories span from the beginning of his career up to just as recently as 2015; Mr. Palmer passed away on September of this year, while this book was out only a few days later
  • Palmer is just as candid as he is profound; his messages will resonate with golfers across all ages and walks of life


As evident by its title, A Life Well Played is the recount of a man who acknowledges his contributions to the history of golf – but seeks to give one final present to his dedicated following. Drawing parallels between success on the course and success in other areas of life, the book’s 75 stories are studies on Arnold Palmer’s psyche – on what it takes to be a winner, a great player, a savvy businessman, a family man, a philanthropist. Sharing his thoughts on the virtues that he held dear, as well as the principles that shaped his personality and career trajectory, A Life Well Played will make Arnie even more loveable to those who have admired The King for decades – and the scores of young golfers who will learn more about him through his 13th, and last, book.


  1. The Golf Book: Twenty Years of the Players, Shots, and Moments That Changed the Game

  • The Golf Channel summarized the best moments of the past 20 years in the history of the game
  • Stories and commentary is provided by star players, on-air golf personalities and famed sports contributors
  • Detailed profiles of golf legends and up-and-comers will help readers become acquainted with the players outside the green
  • The book includes a wealth of pictures, Top 20 lists, famous quotes, and trivia that will surprise even those well-versed in golf history
  • An archive of the most rapid two decades of growth that golf has ever seen, The Golf Book is certain to be referenced in many future works on the sport


A book written for both players and spectators, The Golf Book is the Golf Channel’s look back on the people, moments and inventions that shaped the last two decades of the game. With the sport gaining more players with each passing year, this tome makes for an enjoyable retrospective for the uninitiated and avid fans alike. As the game has improved thanks to the leaping advances in technology, The Golf Book serves as a milestone between what the sport has been and what is soon to become. Easy to read, beautifully illustrated and meticulously compiled, The Golf Book ought to be a part of every golfer’s book collection.


  1. Slaying the Tiger: A Year inside the Ropes on the New PGA Tour

Slaying the tiger

  • Shane Ryan, a prodigious sportswriter, chronicles the landmark 2014 PGA Tour
  • Ryan profiles golf’s rising new stars, following them every step of the way as they vie for the title of the next great golfer
  • Five different players, five unique personalities are described in an honest, detailed manner, which has, as a result, created controversy among fans
  • Through the unique prism of a reporter, fans get to see beyond what is shown on the PGA tour
  • An exciting, multi-layered study on the current state of the game, Slaying the Tiger will serve as a reference point for the golf commentators of the future



What does golf look like after the end of Tiger Woods’ long PGA reign comes to an end? Working behind the scenes, golf’s new blood, hailing from the US, Ireland and Australia, is preparing to face-off in what can only be described as Year of the Youth. 2014 saw many a young players hit the scene, and Shane Ryan did his best to familiarize readers with the sports’ new up-and-comers. Who will be crowned the next king of golf? Who can say he, indeed, was the one to slay the tiger? Read Shane Ryan’s book – and you’ll be the first to say “I told you so” in a few years.


  1. How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs: A Journey through Pine Valley, Royal Melbourne, Augusta, Muirfield, and More

How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs book review

  • An inspiring account of how the author, John Sabino, managed to make his dream of playing in the most elite golf clubs of the world a reality
  • The author’s personal stories are peppered with anecdotes from fellow golfers who also managed to gain access to golfers’ paradise clubs themselves
  • Offering tips, tricks and helpful advice on club etiquette, aspiring readers will learn the secrets of how they, too, can play in these esteemed clubs
  • The book expands over a whopping 125 fan-favorite clubs
  • Illustrated with high-quality pictures, fans can appreciate the breathtaking architecture and unique attributes of each course

Do you have a golf course bucket list? Do you believe that there are certain clubs which are beyond a regular golfer’s reach? John Sabino will make you think otherwise. Through his personal efforts and thorough research, Mr. Sabino takes pride in having accomplished to play in some of the world’s most famous courses – and he now imparts his wisdom in How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs, helping fellow players realize that when it comes to golf- nothing is impossible. Pick up his book and learn how to follow in his footsteps. You won’t regret it.


So what say you, fellow golfers? Have you read any of these books? How many will you be able to finish before January 1st, 2017? Let’s hear it out in the comments!

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