OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator (Mac & PC) Bundle
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OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator (Mac & PC) Bundle


It can frustrating when you are unable to practice your swing . Either its the weather, you dont have time to play 18 holes or you dont want to wait for tee times. Well the Optishot is a in home golf simulator that allows you to practice your swing and play a full round of golf inside your home! This product is great for when you’re stuck at home due to the weather. Or other times when you can’t get to the course. Its super easy  to use and has multiple features to not only play a full round but is also track your swing stats. Giving you precise details and in depth analysis of distance, spin,trajectory, and whether your ball is slicing or hooking.

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“Great simulator. Having a lot of fun with it”

+ Simple Setup getting setup is super quick and had a full setup in under 30 minutes software and installation is a breeze to install
+ Quality,  good hardware and software are made professionally
+ Calibration simple process  reads the swing perfectly
+ Accuracy; the system accurately and realistically reads the user’s swing and displays the shot
+ Course Selection; many options available you can purchase more if you would like

– Instructions not much instructions you may have to spend time on computer and on their website figuring things out
– Putting is difficult to analyze and detect the strokes


Very simple to setup and use. Very accurate and helps you analyze your swing and ball impact. Perfect for practicing when you dont have time to go to the course.Great way to practice improving your game while also being entertainment. Many courses to choose from allowing you to play 18 holes of golf in your home! Overall a great simulator that is affordable to use in your home. Will definitely help your game and give you accurate feedback.

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