How to prevent golf back pain
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How to prevent back pain from golf


Back pain is a common injury many golfers face. The consequences are extreme pain and the inability to play.  It is super important to take care of your body when you begin your round. By implementing these habits you can prevent future injuries.

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Stretching before your round

Golf, for your body, is a tedious exercise. The golf swing is an unnatural movement on the body and puts stress on your back, hips and wrists. In order for you body to become prepared you must stretch. If you are not stretching before playing you are at a higher chance of injuries. Watch this video to learn several exercises before you make your first swing.

  • Check your radius and turn using a wedge
  • Put 1 hand on the end of the club and head and Rotate
  • Move your legs ups and stretch your hamstring
  • Swing on one foot

Warm up your swing

This may be considered part of the stretch session. The Warm-up swing exercise stretches the most important muscles for the game. Like I said before, golf is a unnatural exercise for the body, warming up your swing gradually helps you build up resistance. When I say gradually, it means to start from gentle swinging, building it up. This way the body transitions from normal to high in the core muscles, and thus there is a less risk of injury.

Improve your posture

A good golf posture is crucial for being the best in the game. One of the things you can do to minimize back injuries is to practice on improving your posture. The athletic posture sense develops with time. For example, Bending from the hip joints promotes good posture; bending from the waist does not. Learn the tips and tricks of a good posture, which will not only help you score high, but also, there will be a minimum risk of back problems.


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  • Develop flexibility
  • Strength your muscles
  • Warm up your swing

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Developing and adopting these habits before your round is the best way to minimize negative impacts. The first set should include stretching before your round . The second set should include warming up your swing. The final set should include improving your posture. By developing a pre-golf routine, your game will become stronger, your body will be stronger and consequently, your back will be healthier. Adopting these habits when you are suffering from the golf back pain is also a great idea because it relaxes the body and helps in healing. Happy Golfing!

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